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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shop In America Now!

Shop In America Now!

Sign Up to Services In USA and get immidietly own USA address!

One of my favorite jobs to do online is English to English translation. I am often confronted with a well-meaning text that makes no sense whatsoever without transcendental meditation. I mean, you literally have to yank the answers right out of the blue psychic karma. One of the earliest examples of this endearment was my introduction to an outfit who called themselves Services In USA. They were promoting a service I had no idea was needed. They were going to be your America experts, citizens of the world! Shop in the USA today!

You gotta dig these self-taught entrepreneurs. They've got the guts and the instinct to preach that America vision and follow it up with action. I, for one, have never had a problem shopping in the U.S. , quite the opposite. And, this is America and doesn't it work like that everywhere? It had never occurred to me, that people would need help in getting our goods.

Why would it be hard for citizens of overseas nations to get our goods? The answer that seemed obvious was that they must be from the countries of doom. Persona non grata nations and others that just don't like us. But now through new-found American ingenuity, this problem was going to be solved. Then it struck me, this must be the electronic age equivalent of the more traditional Halwallah guaranteeing the passage of goods, if I skim just a bit off the top. I was now assisting in setting up the world's farthest-flung Halwallah site.

Shop in America Now!

You can shop in America now, by getting your own U.S. street
address, when you sign up at Services In USA!

You will be able to order merchandise from any U.S. website and have the items shipped to your new California, America address that Services In USA sets up for you. Services In USA will then re-ship the items to you, no matter where you are!

We help you when a store insists on PayPal, or a credit card, or when the store will not do international shipping. For oversize shipments, Services In USA also offers parcel shipping for lowest costs.

You will enjoy convenient, international shopping, as well as discount shopping rates, and shipment consolidations. And, we have great customer service!

Let Services In USA make your U.S. purchases for you today!

For your convenience, Services In USA accepts international wire transfers and PayPal.

Above is a revamped landing page I recently had the pleasure of translating for a client. His “I've got the concept, can't speak the details precisely your language, please help me job doing”, request was enough to convince me to do a write-up for him.. I've included his original landing page below, If you are interested,

I thought I remembered hearing a few years ago that some boutiques or online stores wouldn't ship to addresses in certain parts of the world because of uncertainty about both payment and delivery. Things could disappear, or get held up in customs, or even get confiscated because they were American goods. A little spreading of the Halwallah1 amongst local chieftains usually could lead to a more assured delivery. And here I was, helping spread the tradition over even more far-flung avenues!


Sign Up with Services In USA and get immidietly own USA address and start shopping today. Purchases can be ordered in any website in US.Then items are shipped to your own address and we forward your merchandise to you anywhere.We offer convenient,international shipping for each our customer.Customers get benefitsshipment consolidation,discounted shipping rates and great customers support.

We offer also Shopping Assistance to make a purchases from USA websitethat do not accept
international credit cards and sending merchandise only tointernational billing addresse.For yours oversized shipments Services In USA offer PArcels Shipmentservices for lower prices.Services In USA accept paypal,wire transfers and will make the purchases on your behalf.

1. Halwallah is a made up word and I have no idea if it exists.

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