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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coping With Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time has sometimes been compared to the act of cutting off the bottom one-inch of a candle and then gluing this piece back to the top. The implication, of course, is that no time is gained as a result of the change. I will concede that logic, sort of, but I have some deeper issues with the analogy itself. Perhaps, a more apt comparison between daylight savings time and a candle would be: “Don’t waste your candles by burning them when it's light outside”.
The human concept of time is linked to the observation that the sun is in a different position in the sky from one meal to the next. We notice that a while ago there was darkness, and now there is light; so something time-related must have happened. And, wasn't it 30 of these dark-light periods ago when the moon looked this way? Time and clocks, on the other hand, are artificial. Like all sciences, they only attempt to explain concepts larger than ourselves in terms we can understand. The only important tasks time and clocks serve is to synchronize humans to each other so that we can coordinate our business and social efforts.
Nature, on the other hand, doesn't give a bug's tuggle about your schedules. She just keeps on doing her thing, and lo and behold, the period of light begins happening sooner. But, it is only happening sooner in our human reckoning. The birds have no trouble singing at daybreak. The fireflies know when it's first true darkness. We humans should know that when it's light out, we will better be able to use our vision to hunt and operate. We know that after dark, we need the protection of burrows.
Daylight savings time is merely re-adapting your schedule to nature's true schedule. The pain you are feeling is only temporary. And, how overused is that line? I want a mocha, and I want it, now! Isn't it wonderful that they call it “SAD”? Ah, the lost feelings of winter. But, brighten up! You're on the road to recovery!
As you struggle with the groggy effects that the change-over is having on you, my suggestion is to go back to your roots. Live as the inner caveman of cavewoman of your dreams. Embrace nature's dictum that you are supposed to be up and hunting at first light. That is when the gifts and weapons you have been graced with are at their most efficient. You don't need artificial concepts to know when it's your advantage. Carpe Tunnel!
Edward J. O'Brien Wednesday. October 26, 2011
aka Ned O'Brien, aka ejjobrien
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