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Thursday, October 20, 2011

hurtling towards the creamed-corn miasma

Malfunction Junction

Seething mass of tangled lines
Explodes recklessly in air.
Horrid claps-- maid snapping sheets?
Angel one, you've got some gall.

Naked, brazen in the wind.
Orange pumpkin with screaming thud.
Corn field bound at speed of light.
Diving to ripe melon fall.

Jettison with mind-numb speed.
Falling, twisting manticore.
Colonel's bucket slowly turns;
Invites me in for one last call.

Corn field rises up to greet me.
Find ripcord! Reserve, deploy!
Reaper, keep your cold derisions.
Angel slaps me by the balls.

Copyright 2005 ejjobrien
Edward J. O'Brien

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