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Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Wish My Boat Had A Futtock

Atlanta: City of pearl
shoe shines and poison
Gone now the arbolest and arbors
laid waste
in densecity of cowbones and hookers.

Coca-cola, koala, new ochre.
Maidens bend, maidens form bros
Trudge on through shows of Columbia,
Take umbrage!
Sailors festoon altars with warship.

Heave me skywards, pynchon--
slender, mellifluos patron.
Schenectady beat a steel rail
in retreat
yet entreats me to gossip with laymen.

Gloria, glorious est!
Silk tarpon adorn your brass
railing they reek; yet chum
Mathilda shall rum-
mage and bandy
hill cochlea with chatter.

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