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Saturday, June 04, 2005

firefly shuffle

I saw a breast of chicken
and I said the word promiscuous
while walking down a toe-jam street,
pedestrians vermiculous.
A tested piece of gelid cat poo
threatens now to swim on us.

lawsy, mama, step it on home.

I dodge a dumpster's tendriled berms
and snort the words that-crap-can-stink,
through slime-culled alleys swain to grease
and syringes of blind-man's ink.
Copulating color-coupons
line the walks of Adams Street.

lawsy, sista, step it on home.

I antler through a busy park
and scrote the words squat-kootchie-play,
past spit-tuned clumps of purpled plumps
and hindquarters of lover's sway.
Aluminum sings crunchy songs
as I stride blithely on my way.

lawdy, poboy, step it on home.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What magazines have your been submitting your poems to? I never see your work published.