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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


on the mexican sidewalks:
pudenda and beer and crones
almed with cones

for sport, toss nickels
to chicos off bridges
they'll snatch them
or suffer
their bones

cigarettes (horseshit)
and switchblades for sale
chess sets-- black onyx/soapstone
always the pull

of the strange, strange man
with lurid sorties to sell (she's swell)

cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes!

(pontiff, i care) beware
there's always good tail
yo, mato y picadors bend
bend send lend ears

look on me! soon to be! frail!
and aware

unmuscled, soft-
heeling through shoals.

it's carnivale!
haloes and parrots all
the worn path from hovel to woods

candles burn lifeless, hymns
sting the mass. i sing
quarterflash: harden
my heart

and, i'm in ecstasy
clinging to mud

hurricanes slung through my veins

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